Knitted Long Sleeve Cheryl Mozzie Cardigan Black


Brand BOVE

Wear & Protect your baby! Feel lovingly protected from the harmful risksof Zika virus by simply wearing our anti-mosquitoclothing created with HHL Technology Vital Protection‰ۡóÁí£̴å¢. Each design is infused with a unique textile treatment that effectively repels dangerous mosquitoes and bacteria. Enjoy the ease of moving indoors or outdoors with added peace of mind!Anti-mosquito textiles infused with safe and unique treatment using Permethrin, kills mosquitoes unlike Deet and others which only repel.It inhibits bacteria growth. & lasts 20 washes or up to 6 months.Safe for pregnant mothers and children above 2 years old.Avoid getting harmful bug sprays on your skin!*Disclaimer: Vital Protection only acts as another layer of protection and is by no means a foolproof solution against insects.

95% Cotton, 5%Spandex