1) Should I select one size bigger than my current size if I'm still on my second trimester to make the outfit last till full term?

It depends on your natural frame, size and size of your tummy. We would recommend customers to select a size bigger if their bust size has increased since the pregnancy.

2) How to choose sizes for postpartum panties and maternity support panties?

Our panties comes in two ranges, S - M and L - XL. You can select the size that would best fit you currently.

3) Are the nursing wear suitable for double-pumping?

Most styles are double-pumping friendly. They are indicated in the product descriptions.

4) How to adjust the adjustable band for bottoms?

Simply unbutton and stretch the adjustable band and fasten it back to the desired position.

5) Are the maternity bottoms supposed to be on, below or above the belly?

In the early stages, the band will be on the belly and as the tummy grows, the band will be below the belly. Support will remain as the band will still be supporting the belly.

6) Which nursing apparel is most comfortable?

All of Spring Maternity's apparel are designed for comfort.

In summer time, the most comfortable collection will be the Green By Spring as the pieces are made from bamboo cotton. They are breathable, antibacterial, moisture wicking and super soft.

Essentials by Spring pieces consist of must-have staples in an expecting mother's closet. They are made from cotton and are smooth, lightweight and airy.

7) How long will the anti-mosquito feature last for the Mozzie Defence collection?

The effect will last up to 20 washes. They are designed to repel and knock out mosquitoes.

8) What kind of SLEEPWEAR should I pack in my hospital bag, dress or top and bottom?

Either is fine, depending on your personal preference. It will be most ideal to pack one that has a nursing access for ease of breastfeeding while trying to latch baby.

Spring Maternity’s sleepwear collection are made of 100% cotton and is equipped with nursing access.

9) Which type of bra is most comfortable for a nursing mother?

Our bras are made up of bamboo cotton or microfibre fabric. Bamboo cotton bras are breathable, super soft, antibacterial and moisture wicking, perfect for an everyday bra.

The microfibre bras are smooth that you can barely feel the actual texture of the fabric grain, which makes them a perfect fabric for wearing underneath clothes. It is a durable material, thin, lightweight, breathable and has a silky soft feel.

The bras are wireless and designed with a gentle elastic band so as not to compromise on support. They are also designed with fasteners to ensure fuss-free nursing.

10) How do I use the nursing bras when feeding my child?

Simply unclip the fastener located at the top of the cup and pull it down to feed.

11) Why are Spring Maternity's disposable panties a hospital bag essential?

They can last up to 20 washes. Our disposable panties are hospital grade, washes and dries easily. They are seamless and highly stretchable. They effectively holds maternity pads securely and are suitable for both natural caesarean births.

12) How to care for Bamboo fabric/clothing?

Bamboo Fabric Wash and Care Guide - Spring Maternity