Why Mums Love Spring Maternity


A great place to find comfortable maternity and nursing clothing. I’ve been shopping here for both my kids. Staff was really helpful in letting us know the available offers and also helping us to find the appropriate sizes.


First time shopping here. Diana was so helpful to clueless first time mom like myself. Comfortable shopping experience. Most items are reasonably priced.


I have been wearing spring nursing clothes for a long while, they are so stretchy and comfy! My favorites are the camisoles, great as pj or every day wear! The material is thick and cooling, stretchy and super comfy!! Highly recommend as a place to get functional pieces that can be used from before birth to after birth!


The bamboo series are a must-have, providing comfy and cooling wear pre and post birth for mummies.


Lots of options available for all needs. High quality products and reasonable prices. I visited the shop twice and was guided very well on both occasions.


Amazing place. There is soo many comfortable choices to choose from! The quality is great!


Bought their clothes since my 1st pregnancy, material is comfortable and durable. Pleased with their service as they try their best to understand and assist with customers’ request.


Excellent customer service! Good quality nursing bras.


It was great joy shopping at the shop. We were served by the staff who was friendly, patient, and given many advice and recommendations.


Committed to Sustainable Fashion


Our commitment to eco-friendly practices begins with our fabric sourcing. We prioritize fabrics from Lenzing, including Ecovero and Tencel, known for their eco-responsibility and transparent supply chains.

Sustainable Fashion

Linen, another of our preferred materials, is one of the most sustainable crops to farm, requiring fewer resources than cotton and aiding in carbon dioxide absorption, a true gift to our planet.

Eco Renewal

We utilize recycled polyester and nylon, which not only contribute to a circular material economy but also promote regenerative practices by minimizing the use of new natural resources.