You Need (Moderate) Exercises, Pregnant Mommies!

Do you still need to exercise when you’re being pregnant? The answer is yes. No, not heavy exercises like the ones you do before you are pregnant, definitely. But more of the moderate ones, just enough to keep your body fresh & healthy during the whole 9 months of pregnancy.

According to ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), if you’re healthy and your pregnancy is normal, it’s safe to do moderate exercises at least 150 minutes per week. That takes like roughly 15-20 minutes per day.

It’s said that regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture, decrease some common discomforts such as backaches & fatigue, ease constipation, and overall improve general fitness while strengthening your heart & blood vessels.

Now here are some things you’d want to know first before you start planning daily exercises;

What Exercises are Safe for Pregnant Women?

Swimming is the safest option (see our article about swimming for pregnant ladies here). It’s followed by walking, bicycling (indoor static bike), and other low impact aerobics. There are also options for Yoga and Pilates, special for pregnant women. They usually have both offline & online classes with professional instructors for prenatal programs.

You should really avoid any exercises that involves heavy & full-body movement, and/or requires great balance and movement coordination.

What Exercises Should Pregnant Women Avoid?

Any exercises that require holding breath, falling, intense contacts with other participants like football or basketball, rapid changes in coordination or balance, heavy jumping, and full body & muscle movement (e.g., sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups).

You should also avoid working out in hot or very warm temperature, as it might also raise your own body temperature and affect the little one in your bump.

What to Prepare to Exercise During Pregnancy?

  • If you can’t go in with an empty stomach, you need to make sure to eat at least 1 hour before doing any exercises.
  • Prepare a good fit active wear. Not too tight and not too loose. Sports bra and belly support also good choices to wear.
  • Prepare a good sport shoe. At least any flat shoes that you’re comfortable with in moving around.
  • Always prepare a bottle of water to drink before, during, and after your exercises.
  • Make sure that you’re working out on a flat ground.
  • Warm up first!
  • Lastly, don’t forget NOT to make sudden move with your body. And don’t overdo your exercise, if you’re already a bit tired even if it’s not the time yet, just stop & call it a day.

Eventually, the whole exercise thing is to keep your body active and fresh during the whole pregnancy journey. If you ended up with excessive exhaustion and pain after each exercise, then you’d be doing it all wrong and it’d be better if you contact your healthcare professionals as soon as possible.

Stay safe and healthy, mommies!

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