Swimming While Being Pregnant? Should You or Should You Not

Many young mommies choose swimming as their main workout activities while being pregnant. Of course, they have other options as well, like walking, yoga, or Pilates, but still swimming is one the safest exercises for pregnant women, as it’s not placing high level stress on the whole body – as the water easily provide peaceful and calming sensation.

Benefits of Swimming for Pregnant Women

A bit different from any other exercise options for mommies, swimming can be safely done in all 3 trimesters. Why? Because it’s a low impact form of exercises, and doesn’t put a high-level stress on the body, as some of the pressure generated during exercise is being carried by the water. Additionally, this exercise will properly exhaust mommies and this will lead to better sleep quality.

What to Avoid During Swimming?

  • Swim only in safe areas, like private or public swimming pools (the ones that are not too crowded). Avoid natural swimming areas like ocean, lakes, etc.
  • Don’t swim alone. Always have someone to accompany you during any exercises.
  • Avoid swimming when the water is very warm, as it will also increase your body temperature and affect the little one in your bump.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you feel a bit tired, then you should stop. Just because you are used to swim for 30 minutes straight, doesn’t mean you have to do it exactly that long when you’re pregnant.
  • Wear a good fit swimwear, not too tight. Here some ideas for maternity swimwear, or tankinis, from Spring Maternity Singapore;

Nelli Tankini Maternity Swimwear
Nelli Tankini Maternity Swimwear

Noir Halter Tankini Maternity Swimwear
Noir Halter Tankini Maternity Swimwear

Where to Buy Maternity Swimwear/Swimsuit in Singapore?

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