Passion for Fashion: Our Commitment to Sustainability


Our pieces are made with responsibly sourced biodegradable natural fibres, Tencel™ and Linen, which are EU Ecolabel certified eco-responsible. These natural materials has a lower environmental impact and its production uses 50% less water, protecting and keeping our water sources clean for future generations.

As we remain committed to fostering a healthy planet for this generation and the future ones, all our pieces utilise biodegradable and compostable fibres with as minimal carbon footprint as possible.



With pieces that are meant to be worn throughout all stages of motherhood — bump, baby, and beyond — going green for us means having pieces that will grow with you and withstand years of wash and wear.

It's just natural for us to use sustainable bamboo fabric and earth-friendly flax plant, also popularly known as linen. These two fibres are one of the most biodegradable, durable, long-lasting, breathable, and naturally moth resistant fibres. We implement carbon-neutral practices and aim for minimal carbon footprint with the use of recycled polyester material.

Our classic and timeless eco-friendly pieces are meant for long-wear so you can enjoy for years to come.



A staggering 18 million bras go to landfills every few years in the U.S alone. At least 1.5 trillion litres of water is used by fast fashion to produce garments every year. These numbers grow annually at very alarming rates and we want to end the waste NOW.

We remain committed to promoting sustainable living and solutions and to create a better world for future generations. Close the loop with us by joining our bra recycling program. Make the #BIGSPRINGSWITCH by donating your discarded bras and be rewarded with 20% off on new pairs made with sustainable fabric.