These Pumping Bras are Definitely Moms’ Best Friend

We all know that breastfeeding is important, as breastmilk is the ideal food for babies. It is safe, clean, and contains antibodies which help protect against many common childhood illnesses. But what if you mommies out there need to go back to work, and cannot breastfeed your babies during working hours (unless of course you’re working from home)?

A pumping bra is specifically designed for that purpose; it allows mommies to easily pump the breastmilk and properly store it, so it can be given later. Spring Maternity has exactly the products you need. Come take a look.

Spring Maternity Nursing Bra

From maternity & nursing wear, to active wear & sleepwear. Spring Maternity Singapore covers everything young mommies need to stay stylish and comfort during the whole pregnancy journey. All specifically designed to cater the basic needs of young mommies.

On the nursing bras section, Spring Maternity items are among the customers’ top favourite & best-selling products in the store; seamless nursing bra, strapless bra, bamboo fabric nursing bra, microfibre nursing bra, pumping bra, you name it.

This time we’re going to see what pumping bras does Spring Maternity has in store for you mommies.

Pumping Bras

A pumping bra is a bit different from a nursing bra (see here our article about nursing bras). A nursing bra can be unclipped to open the cup cover and expose the breast to feed the baby. It’s designed to directly breastfeed the baby, while you can also pump the breastmilk with this bra.

A pumping bra on the other hand, has a slit design on the cup cover, allowing you to insert the pumping device cup onto your breast, latch it there, and hold it still for the whole pumping duration. Aside from the visible pumping device, no other parts of your body are exposed.

Spring Maternity Breast-pumping Bras

Spring Maternity’s Maryann and Madeline bras are easily a good choice as your first-time pumping bras. It’s well-designed, firm, and also comfortable to wear for daily use.

Maryann Hands-free Breastpump Bra

Maryann Hands-free Breastpump Bra

Encouraging for easier breast pumping outside your home, Maryann Hands-free Breast-pump Bra is up for the challenge. It has easy to wear front zipper, can also be worn over the bra. Very easy to use with double electric breast pump, and very flexible when you need to have a quick pumping session. It comes in basic nude colour.

Madeline 3-in-1 Seamless Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Madeline 3-in-1 Seamless Hands-free Pumping & Nursing Bra

Comfortable, simple, and easy to use— those are the clear definition of a Madeline nursing bra. Mommies can nurse their little ones anywhere easily. Mommies can also still do other activities and pumping without having to undress, or even put on additional garments to support the breast pumps— no more bottle tipping over.

It’s designed for maximum comfort; with soft and smooth finishing. It works with most of the electric breast pumps, as well.

Now Where To Get Those Pumping Bras in Singapore?

Don’t worry, mommies. Go check our nursing bras collection here, also these links for Maryann pumping bra and Madeline pumping bra. Spring Maternity offers a wide range of maternity and nursing clothing for your needs, especially nursing bras in Singapore.

Please check our collection, or you can visit our store at Wisma Atria @ 435 Orchard Road, or maybe you can call us first at +65 8686 0778 or text us +65 8600 7716.

Visit our Spring Maternity store @ Wisma Atria.

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