How Do You Wash Nursing Bras? Here's 5 Tips to Do It Properly

We’re all understand that to make bras stay comfortable, fit, and look best, they need to be properly taken care of. Still, no bra will last forever.

Unlike most of our outfit, we can’t just toss a nursing bra in the washer and dryer and call it a day. Spring Maternity collects some useful tips on how to properly wash your nursing bras so it can last longer and save you a lot of bucks on the long run.

1. Separate your nursing bras

Before you start washing your nursing bras, it’s always better safe than sorry to separate your light-coloured bras away from the dark-coloured ones. For example, don’t wash the nude/white/pink nursing bras, with the black/brown/blue ones. This is to keep the original colours stay. You don’t want to have nursing bras with faded colours after only being wear and wash once, right?

2. Hand-wash your nursing bras

As you know, the best way to wash nursing bras (regular bras, as well) is by hand. And by using mild detergent. This is to prevent fading, wear, and tear. But first, make sure to check the treatment labels on your nursing bras before any kind of washing, see if they have any special instructions there.

3. Machine-wash your nursing bras?

Still want to wash your nursing bras in the washing machine? Avoid washing them along with a big bulk of other laundry, it’s always better in a small load. The more moving and washing they get in the machine, the cleaner they can finally (possibly) get. Try putting your nursing bras in a washable laundry bag (a lingerie bag), and use mild detergent (not too much!). Using too much detergent can leave an oily residue on clothes, and might make your nursing bras feel less comfortable.

4. Drying the fresh and clean nursing bras

After washing the nursing bras, allow them to dry in the natural sunlight. Avoid using the dryer, as the sunlight is able to eliminate more bacteria and germs, and also helps drying faster. Using the dryer also might ruin your nursing bras further; the heat will wreak havoc on the bras’ elasticity— breaking it down and stretching it out.

Don’t hang your nursing bras by the straps, its wet weight can pull the fabric out of shape. It’s better to hang them from the middle, because it will put the least amount of strain on the fabric.

5. Ironing nursing bras, should I?

The heat from the ironing may shrink the fabric, and affect the elasticity of the nursing bra; which eventually will change the overall shape of the nursing bra.
So that’s it some useful to wash your nursing bras (if you haven’t known already). Aside from maintaining proper hygiene, we also believe that if nursing bras are taken care of properly, they can last up to 5- 6 months. Surely it can save you a lot of money.

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