Bamboo Nursing Bras: 7 Benefits of The Most Environment-friendly Fabric

Nowadays, bamboo fabric clothing is widely used. From outerwear, to undergarments.

Spring Maternity lists several benefits of using the most eco-friendly fabric on earth. Check this out.

The origins of bamboo fabric

Long time ago in various regions in Asia, bamboo material was mostly used to create paper, household tools, and even weapons. Some of us even only know bamboo as the daily foods of the panda bears. The idea of using bamboo as a fabric material came in the late 19th century when Philipp Lichtenstadt from United States experimented with bamboo fibres.

The bamboo fabric material only become popular in commercial market more than 100 years later, right after Beijing University successfully creating cloth out of bamboo fabric in 2001. From there onwards, the market needs of bamboo fabric grow rapidly.

How is bamboo fabric made?

The simple way of creating bamboo fabric is to firstly extracting the bamboo cellulose. The bamboo leaves and the inner part of the bamboo trunk, are crushed together; so we can get the bamboo fibres out of this process. Then, the fibres need to be soaked in an enzyme solution. After that, the fibres need to be washed, dried, and spun into yarn. Finally, those yarn will be woven into bamboo fabric. China, India, Pakistan, and Indonesia are the main exporters of this material.

The benefits of using bamboo fabric

Fresh & soft

The softness of bamboo fabric, complimented by the fibre’s structures, provide excellent comfort and smooth feeling on the surface. Keeping you fresh and dry, but not too dry to the point it would leave your skin irritated.

Insulate well

It also has good insulating properties. For example, if you’re wearing a bamboo fabric nursing bra during warm days, it’d make you fresh and not too hot. It can also become a bit warm, helping to maintain your inner body heat during cold days.


Bamboo fabric may carry it hypoallergenic features, meaning it’s comfortable to use for individuals who have sensitive skin, skin conditions (e.g. eczema), or allergies. Very convenient.

UV radiation shield

Bamboo has the unique quality of being resistant to harmful UV rays. No other natural fibre used for fabric that has this useful property yet. Be it for outerwear or undergarments, bamboo fabric is very ideal.

No ironing, no crease

The special properties that bamboo fibres have allow bamboo fabric no need of ironing because it won’t be wrinkled and will hold its shape well. Perfect for a nursing bra.

Sweat absorber

Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture. In fact, it absorbs around 60-70% more than cotton. As explained before, the good insulating properties of bamboo fabric allows stay cool and fresh throughout the day.


To grow, bamboo only needs 1/3 of water compare to what cotton requires, and yet it produces 10 times more fibres than cotton. Bamboo also has natural defence, allowing it to grow without the use of pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Some of these organic features may even carried through to its fabric form. Thus, bamboo fabric is a far more sustainable material than cotton.

Spring Maternity strongly supports sustainability— the bamboo nursing bra products are one of the many results of that purpose and visionary goal.

Getting a Bamboo Fabric Nursing Bra

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