6 Reasons Why You Do Need Nursing Bras

Spring Maternity Singapore laid out several reasons why nursing bras are more suitable to accompany your pregnancy journey; from bump until after birth.

What made a good nursing bra? What are the reasons we need one? Besides providing comfort for the mommies and easy nursing access for the babies, nursing bra also has several additional features that differs them from regular bras.

1. Padded nursing bras.

Typical regular bras are padded for a reason, to support the size and shape of the wearer. The same goes for nursing bra; most of them are padded. They come in different paddings; lightly padded, moderately padded, and heavily padded—and you can choose one based on your preferences or needs.

2. Wire-free nursing bras.

During pregnancy, your breasts will experience physical changes; and after giving birth, breastfeeding activities will come into your life. Nursing bras are specifically designed to accommodate this, and most them are wire-free. Underwired bras are not really suitable for breastfeeding, because it makes the job tougher, impractical, and eventually will cause you a lot of inconvenience.

3. Nursing bras coverage.

Some of the mommies probably don’t feel too confident with their breasts shape and size during pregnancy. Most of the nursing bras have full coverage, or at least 75% coverage of the breasts – specifically design for support and comfort. However, full coverage nursing bras don’t have to be unstylish or not elegant, Spring Maternity has wide range of nursing bras collection with elegant and fashionable designs. Go here to check the nursing bras collection.

4. Seamless nursing bras.

Worry that your bra lines will visible when you are wearing a tight-fit dress? Seamless bras are here for that specific reason—they do their job well by not adding any fullness to the breasts, hence creating a more natural appearance. They look great you want a very smooth look, like for under T-shirts, thinner and fitted tops and blouses, and lightly woven knits. Most of the nursing bras are also seamless.

5. Nursing bras cups.

One of the main things that differentiate nursing bras from regulars is that they have detachable cups, to make the breastfeeding activities hassle-free. There are several mechanisms to fasten the bra flaps to the cups— squeeze, snaps, clasps and hooks.

6. Nursing bras flaps.

Now most nursing bras have cup flaps that are attached the shoulder straps, making it easier to open the nursing access. Others have flaps fastened at the center-front of the bras, or have zipper under the cups, or even a cross-over-the cup design.

It’s always better to have more than one nursing bras, and to try out the flaps of the bras before you decided to buy. Choose a nursing bra that has clasps that can be operated with one hand; so that you can easily open and close the panels while you are breastfeeding your baby.

Getting a Nursing Bra

So what do you think? If you’re still confused about what and which type of nursing bras to get, go check our nursing bras collection here. Spring Maternity offers a wide range of maternity and nursing clothing for your needs, especially nursing bras.

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