6 Easy & Hidden Nursing (and Pumping) Access from Spring Maternity

6 Easy & Hidden Nursing (and Pumping) Access from Spring Maternity

There are several kinds of nursing and pumping access available for maternity & nursing outfits. For easier breastfeeding and breast pumping, of course. Here are 6 simple and hidden nursing access, complemented on our special outfits for mommies, from Spring Maternity Singapore.

Frontal Side Zippers Access

Spring Maternity Frontal Side Zippers Access

Usually hidden below the ruffle at the front side of a nursing dress or nursing tops, this nursing opening is accessible through a zipper.

Side Access

Spring Maternity Side Access

Also accessible through an opening with zipper, the side nursing access usually located below arm, and parallel along the sides.

Vertical Access

Spring Maternity Vertical Access

Vertical nursing access usually comes up with a zipper that can be pull downward from neckline opening. Perfectly fits for nursing or pumping.

Empire Access

Spring Maternity Empire Access

Empire nursing access doesn’t reveal too much skin. To access it, simply pull up the front layer of the outfit and slip a bit of the inner layer. Very comfortable for both nursing and pumping.

Drop Cup Access

Spring Maternity Drop Cup Access

Just like the ones in nursing bra, drop cup access allows you to just drop down the outer layer and reveal the inner cup that has opening for both nursing and pumping.

Neckline Access

Spring Maternity Neckline Access

One of the most common nursing accesses out there. Neckline nursing access allows you to pull down the outer layer of the neckline, which is usually lined with an inner layer, that has openings for nursing and pumping access.

Where to Buy Maternity & Nursing Work Outfits in Singapore?

Spring Maternity offers a wide range of maternity and nursing clothing for your every need in Singapore.

Take a look at our collection here, or you can visit our store at Wisma Atria @ 435 Orchard Road, or maybe you can call us first at +65 8686 0778 or text us +65 8600 7716.

Visit our Spring Maternity store @ Wisma Atria.

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