4 Important Factors Affecting a Good Nursing Bra

The experience of getting your first nursing bra is quite similar when you first got your regular bra.

There are several things to look out for; the design, the fabric, the colour, and price value. For nursing bras, you have to pay attention to a few more things.

Nursing bra is all about comfort. It doesn’t only to support the shape and size of the breasts, but also to provide flexibility and comfort when it comes to breastfeeding activity. Now during the pregnancy, pre-maternity all the way to post-maternity, the physical condition of the breasts will also be changing.

Getting the right nursing bra is no simple task. Spring Maternity will outline several factors that you might want to know and address first before you go buy your first nursing bras.

4 Important Factors Affecting a Good Nursing Bra

Nursing Bras Cup Size

The nursing bra cups are specifically designed to keep and hold the breast tissue, they can be rigid or soft. If you’re not wearing the right cup size, then it will affect the support and comfort of your breasts; if it’s too small, it may lead to a challenging task when you’re trying to hook-unhook them, and also will make you feel suffocated. If it’s too large, it may feel uncomfortable when you’re moving and will not provide any support to your breasts.

Nursing Bras Band Size

The nursing bras band size is also important to take into account. Your priority is to get the right size. If it’s too difficult to measure it by yourself, you can ask your friend or contact us to help getting the right size for you. Wrong nursing bra band size may affect the whole comfort and function of wearing a nursing bra.

Nursing Bras Coverage

Now this is also what differentiate most between nursing bras and regular bras. Nursing bras mostly have designs that cover around at least 75% area of your breasts. It’s also supposed to maintain the comfort levels of wearing a nursing bra, especially when it involves breastfeeding activity. The nursing bra good coverage provides fullness, firmness, and also proper support for the breasts. It’s a good practice to see and try (if possible) various range of coverage from different nursing bras before you buy them—see what kind of coverage that you prefer to have, and comfortable to wear with.

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Nursing Bras Clasps

Lastly, it’s about the clasps. Even when buying regular bras, the position of the clasps is an important thing to look out for. Different person has different preferences.

For nursing bras however, since the physical condition of the breasts doesn’t remain the same and will change during the whole pregnancy and lactating periods, you need to look for the ones that have more than one adjustable setting, and make sure you try them out first.

That way, at least you’d know at until what levels the nursing bra will help to support your breasts, and not making you uncomfortable on the long run. Also, some experts recommend to measure your bra size every 3 months.

Getting a Nursing Bra

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