Lactation Aid
Lactation Aid
Lactation Aid
Lactation Aid

WHITETREE Organic Lactation Tea for Boosting Milk 12days


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For everyone & Pre/Postnatal 
Easy delivery ( contain Raspberry Leaf )
Healthy balance of women's hormones
Hair loss problem 
Rich Vitamin C
Skin care 
PMS symptoms 
Postpartum recovery

The Beauty Blend helps to restore a healthy balance of women's hormones and keeps skin looking at its best. It makes use of rosehip, a herb that is extremely abundant in Vitamin C, essential for skin whitening. It also contains 9 different types of western lindens that help shrink pores and improve circulation and skin condition. Customers have recommended drinking this blend when dealing with the frustrations or anxiety of PMS and have even noted their skin lightening and improving in tone as a result. The Beauty Blend comes with a slightly sweet, fruity flavour easy on your taste buds.

100% Organic
No sugar 
No chemicals used 
Recommended by Doctors
Made in Japan
For longer-lasting freshness, store in an airtight container