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Unimom Forte Double Breast Pump


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The multi-award winning Unimom Forte# Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is designed for mothers intending to express frequently or establish/increase their milk supply.
Our patented genuine closed system* ensures hygienic expression of milk. No milk or micro vapours can back flow down the tubing into the motor, while preventing external air from contaminating the expressed breastmilk. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA free.
The Unimom Forte# has a wide customisable suction range to allow effective and efficient extraction at the best possible comfort levels. Its quiet motor allows discreet pumping. It comes with all the required parts and accessories for single or double pumping, storage of the expressed breastmilk, and feeding.
Weighing only 1.74kg, the Unimom Forte# is one of the lightest and most compact hospital grade breast pump available.
Mothers are able to own outright a trusted and reliable, high quality hospital grade breast pump at costs lower than renting equivalent competitive brands (i.e. one month rental fee plus purchasing the shield kits to use with the rental pump).
An optional Switch Kit can be purchased to allow for manual expression without having to purchase a separate manual breast pump. The optional Wide Cap allows for expression into a standard wide neck bottle. Additional breastmilk storage and transportation options are available here.
  • Quiet hospital grade pump - one of the quietest in the market
  • Effective single/double sided expression
  • Mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down
  • Adjustable vacuum setting ensures comfort and optimum expression
  • Extra long life motor and efficient piston mechanism
  • Hygienic closed system with back flow protection
  • Switch to manual pump using switch kit (optional accessory)
  • Vacuum range: 50-300mmHg
  • Support 240v (Singapore voltage)
  • BPA free
  • CE approved
  • 1 year warranty
  • What's in the box:
  • 1 x Forte# electric breast pump
  • 2 x breast shields (24mm)**
  • 2 x white valves***
  • 2 x bottle stands
  • 2 x bottles
  • 2 x bottle covers
  • 2 x caps
  • 2 x disks
  • 2 x large membranes***
  • 2 x bottom covers
  • 2 x top covers
  • 2 x air tubes
  • 1 x connector
  • 2 x silicone massager (fits only the 24mm breast shield)****
* Visit Wikipedia for more information on Open vs Closed System breast pumps. Some brands use a backflow filter and do not have a barrier or diaphragm that separates the pump tubing from the breast shield. A filter, by definition, allows some matter to pass through. In the case of backflow filters, external air is pushed in and out through the filters during expression. As air is pushed in, particles are pushed into the tubing and caught by the filter. The filter prevents these particles from entering the breast pump motor. However, when the air is pushed out, there is the potential for some of these particles to be pushed from the filter and/or tubing, back down into the collected breastmilk. This would then make the breast pump, by definition, an open and not a closed system.
** Large (27mm) Breast Shield and Large (27mm) Breast Shield Kit are available for purchase separately. The Silicone Massager is not available in Large.
*** White Valve and Large Membrane should be changed if torn or suction level has decreased, or else the milk supply might be affected.
**** Using the Silicone Massager will reduce suction and reduce the flange size to 22mm. Usage is optional and subject to individual preference.
*Kindly click here to register for product warranty.