1. How does it work?

When you received Store Credits it will automatically be added to your Profile Page.

Store Credit works like a discount code but it will automatically be applied at checkout.

2. Can I use only use how much I want to?

Yes, you can choose the amount you desired to use.

3. How do I only used a specific amount?

You will see the credit amount balance you have on your cart page or on your profile page. Click "redeem" on our balance and enter the desired amount you want to redeem.

Discount will automatically apply with only the amount you have redeemed.

4. Do I need an account to get Store Credits?

Yes, you will need to have a registered account to receive and use Store Credits.

5. Can I choose not to use my Store Credit discount?

Yes, you can choose not to use it. At Check-Out page click 'X' button next to the code applied then it will be removed.

To use the discount again go to Profile Page > Store Credit > Copied the code of the redeemed discount > Go to Check-Out > Paste the code into the 'Discount Codes' box > Discount will be applied.