Recently, my husband and I visited one of the Spring Maternity outlets in JEM. We were served by Alice. We were looking for a cot urgently as the one which we purchased was not the ideal size that we were looking for. We saw a cot that we really liked and Alice was there to assist us in explaining the features of the cot. We expressed our concerns and she was quick to introduce us another cot which suit our needs better.

She went the extra mile to search for the catalogue, called her manage up to show us the colour of the cot as it was no longer on display.

We told her that we need to think about it before committing on this cot as we had already made a purchase elsewhere. She was willing to help us reserve the cot even before we made any deposit. On her off day, I texted her about some of our concerns with delivery and without much hesitation, she began to help us out of our predicament.

We are really thankful for her kind assistance as we were more well-informed of the product. She was ever so willing to accede to our requests that it made the purchase so smooth sailing. Spring Maternity should have more staff like her to make shopping in Spring more enjoyable!

Would appreciate your kind assistance to pass this complimentary email to her to reward her hard work and to continue to have such positive attitude towards customers!

Keep up the good work Alice! :) Thanks!

Eileen & Xianyi — Jan 19, 2016

September 07, 2017 by Spring Maternity