I was blown over by your collection at the Vivocity store! What I love is you have vibrant colours and non-belly-hugging styles that are still flattering to a pregnant woman’s body and belly.

(Unlike the styles in USA where I shopped earlier that are so body hugging).

And I was helped by a salesgirl called Space. She was knowledgeable, smiling and eager to help. She could tell exactly what my choice was like - just five minutes into the start of my shopping. She knew exactly which size I would need in exactly which design.

If something didn’t suit me, she genuinely explained so.

I enjoyed shopping soo much that I think I almost bought more than 70% of all the styles you had available!!!

I highly recommend Spring Maternity to all local as well as tourist pregnant women.

Reema Metha — April 4, 2016

September 07, 2017 by Spring Maternity