I am writing this email in appreciation to one of your service provider , Ms Alice Lim who have displayed an excellent service when I went down to your outlet in GEM. I needed to purchase a gift for my friend’s baby and had no idea in what I should purchase. I am grateful for her service as she was very patient in recommending the products available at the store.

The most impressive part about her service was after much recommendation from her, I was informed from my friend that she had the product which I had set my mind to purchase.Therefore, I had to tell Alice that I will not be purchasing that item. I felt bad as she had taken about ten to fifteen minutes to inform me about the products. I was taken aback when she very politely displayed her understanding and kind gesture despite me having to walk out of the store without purchasing much items which she have recommended.

I congratulate her for being an excellent service provider and I believe she would continue to make your organization proud!

Ms Serene — April 14, 2016

September 07, 2017 by Spring Maternity