Bringing up a child is not easy - and definitely not cheap either, especially in Singapore.
For Singaporean parents, the Government has put in place various schemes to help with the costs of raising their children. Through this seminar, parents will have a better understanding of what these schemes are, whether they are eligible for them, and how the schemes can complement their own financial plans.

What You Will Learn at this Workshop:

  • What Entitlements You can Enjoy
    Which schemes are available to you before and after giving birth
  • How to Maximise Your Gains
    Learn how to integrate these incentives into your own financial plans for your child
  • Details of the Government Schemes
    - Medisave Maternity Package
    - Medisave Grant for Newborns
    - MediShield Life
    - Baby Bonus Scheme
    - Child Development Account
    - Maternity & Paternity Leave
    - Tax Reliefs & Rebate for Parents
    - and many more

Speaker Profile

Ruohan is a Financial Consultant at Financial Alliance, Singapore's largest Independent Financial Advisory firm. Its independent status and wide network of partnerships provide Ruohan a platform to make objective and impartial recommendations in numerous fields.
She has conducted several financial talks at SMEs as part of Financial Alliance's ongoing community outreach programme, and believes that education is key to cultivating financially savvy and responsible individuals.

With Financial Alliance's wide network, Ruohan is able to draw from a wealth of sources when providing advice: her clients receive holistic recommendations in all aspects of financial planning, customized solutions specific to their needs, and advice on portfolio restructuring, cashflow management, risk management and investment management.

October 26, 2017 by Audina Fallecia