I delivered Elyssa prematurely at 35 weeks via an emergency caesarian section. As I was under general anesthesia, only hubby got to see her after the operation and she appeared blue and was rushed off to the NICU. The next few days was heart-wrenching to see our little baby being hooked to different breathing machines, from the ventilators to the CPAP and then the oxygen box. Our family was not allowed into the NICU as only parents were and we can only see her but not carry her.
I recovered quickly from my caesarian wound as I needed to get out of bed to visit her and subsequently to go to the hospital to see her. The only thing we could do then was to pray for her quick recovery and to pump as much milk as we could. We did well and I managed to have a very good supply and we sent lots of milk to the NICU that she was able to take from Day 2 via the drip.
She improved over the days with the help of a very good pediatrician and wonderful nurses at the NICU. After 10 days, her lungs were matured enough to breathe on her own and we finally got to carry her in our arms. It was a wonderful feeling when the nurse handed her over to me. My precious baby that I waited too long to carry her. The next day we were allowed to try to bottle feed her and when we were comfortable with that, I was allowed to breastfeed her. Seeing her lying in my arms suckling at my breast was magical. I was able to provide nutrients for my little baby and I am sure that will help her grow well and strong. 

While her first few days of her life was not easy, we will make it up to her. Because of those days, the bond between my husband and myself became stronger and we both cherished her more than anything else. Hubby was also much more attached to her and wanted to give her the best after seeing what she has gone through. After 12 days in the NICU, we finally brought her home. Seeing her lie peacefully in her cot making monkey faces and smiling at us is so heartwarming. sometimes we still can't believe that together we have brought our little girl to this world and I trust she will only get healthier and happier.
September 06, 2017 by Spring Maternity

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