After suffering a miscarriage in April 2014, my husband and I were devastated as it was our first child. So when we found out that I was pregnant again in Early Oct on my husband's birthday, we were both happy and excited. However, at the back of my mind, I was constantly worried and feared that I might experience another miscarriage. With the support and love shown by my husband and family, I managed to go through each trimester with some ease!

On 12 May 2015, I went to the gynae for my regular checkup and found that I was not yet dilated at 37 weeks. Hence, he told me that the baby was not going to come to anytime soon. Upon hearing this, I told myself that I can "relax" a bit and take my own sweet time packing the hospital bag. Yes, I Love to procrastinate! Just then, to my surprise, that very night just before midnight, my water bag broke! My husband and I had to quickly throw a few essentials into the bag, called the gynae and off to the hospital. 

When we reached the labour ward, my labour pains have already kicked in and I was slightly dilated. The waiting game began and since we figured it took roughly 10 hours for a full dilation, I was counting down the hour that I would be able to see my daughter! However, I was so wrong! I was in labour for 18 hours without an epidural! When my daughter finally arrived, I was filled with joy though I was tired from all the waiting and birthing. 

Now looking back, I am glad that i was blessed with a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby. I can also fully understand the pains, sacrifices and anxiety that mothers go through 9 months for a simple goal... To bring a healthy child into this world. So to all mothers out there, i salute you!
September 06, 2017 by Spring Maternity

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